Who has time for broken teeth?

If you’ve ever been in a rush where something inopportune happens, then you probably have been in the position of wondering what to do, maybe dreading it, the second you’re eating and soon a tooth breaks. It can be something as simple as you’re on break for lunch, you’re scarfing something down, and then bam, you break a tooth. You might not be sure about what to do next. Nobody has time for chipped teeth, and if you’re already trying to squeeze in a small lunch, this can cause a crazy demand on you, and you will feel stress about this. This can be a problem right before a big meeting, date, or an event where you need to look perfect. You might not think that you can get yourself completely fixed up and good to go in a day. But you totally can.

Now, the simplest way to do so is actually to go to the dentist. There are many out there that can actually do something called Cerec, which stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, and it actually can create custom crowns and onlays the same day you come in for the fix. If you’ve ever had or known someone who’s gotten a crown, you’ve probably heard that it’s a much longer process. Yom have to get molds, measurements, and then the crown has to be made in a dental lab. You know this takes time, and it can be quite hard to wait on. however, with Cerec, you actually don’t need to worry about this, since the crowns are made in-house, and it eliminates the process. You don’t need to take impressions either.

How in the world does this work though? You’re probably reading this, shaking our head and wondering if this is crazy talk. But it’s not. You can get a tooth fixed in a day. The machine uses some solid blocks of very strong porcelain to help create custom restorations. The porcelain is then matched to the natural tooth longer, and it actually is much longer lasting, and it also creates a very strong bond to the tooth. Simply put, this porcelain can help you get a tooth that looks out of place completely fixed. If you’ve got a tooth that is broken, a filling that falls out, or maybe you really need a crown, this can all be done with such a simple machine. All that you’ll need to have done, is they will take some pictures of the teeth, design it to make it match the tooth as best as it can, and then, the restoration is then put together in the office.

You probably think that you’re going to have to wait hours for this sort of thing. But that’s where you’re wrong. It’s actually done in only a little bit over an hour, meaning that if you can get an extended break, you can come back to the office looking your best in no time. It’s pretty magical.

This is a bit of a newer service, so not every single dentist has this just yet. But it is one of the best ways to get a restoration done fast, and if you’re ever worried about whether or not you’ll make it to the big meeting looking your best, then have no fear. This type of dental restoration can be one of the best, and if you’re someone that is constantly on the go, this can change your life.

It’s a miraculous process, allowing you to have the best and healthiest teeth possible. You’ll be able to be someone with a killer smile, so that when you do go to the event or gathering, you’ll be able to show off the killer smile that you have. Don’t let a broken tooth hold you back, or any other tooth problem for that matter. This is a special service, and if you know that it is a problem, the crown can fix it, and it can be one of those services that can change our smile. Don’t delay, if you got a problem, call our Roseburg dentist and find out if they have this awesome service today.